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creative writing week 2 part 2

Creative writing week two part two

Valia Dimitrova
Spoken word

When you say push I say pull
give it a go and I’ll be back soon
Strange feelings come strange feelings go
all is for me and I’ll go with the flow.
Hit it and don’t be afraid
Share the perfection of not being the same
Make it harder, make it bigger
Do everything you can and pull the trigger
Don’t be aggressive and have no mercy
Lie down for a little or think about Percy.
I have no thoughts, no fear
I don’t know what to say and I don’t want to hear.
Trying and trying to write
but not knowing any words
just making a line of spoken words.
Going for a little and not coming back
is the same like being little or just being last.
The beat is a beat and I like it a lot
That’s what you should do- try to make it hot.
The music is freedom and we all like it a lot
It releases your body and you feel hot.
Move your body girl shake it a lot
You know how to do it and why you want to stop?
The sound in your soul is driving you crazy

Ainhoa Riveiro

Out in the street the sun was burning. I decided to go into the mall to keep my worries cold. I still had my eyes close. The morning didn’t come to woke up me that day. A fresh ice tee that could help me to keep going was standing on my left hand. I started to breath so deep, but the red light of the traffic-light turned on and everything inside of me stopped. In that moment there was not burning sun for me. I could feel the freezing cold coming into my fingers and my toes. How did it climb so slowly from my back, arriving to my heart that was completely frozen. Because there he was for second time in my life. The eyes that once looked at me so painfully. The hands that once burned all my body. He. The one who gave me the life when I was death or the death when I was alive. I don’t really know how to call it. But the thing is that since the night that he raped me everything has turned black around me until my baby came. That little shiny boy!

I don’t know if you have ever tried to remove a chewing gum stick on the floor or on a table. It takes a lot of time, and anyway there always going to be some pieces that you must leave there. After that night I was like one of that gums, but there was no-one that helped me.

Everything occurred two years ago. I was 16 years old and one of my favorite music bands was playing in my city, so I went there with my boyfriend. It was an open-air concert near the forest. It was the first time that a band like that came into my town, so everybody was there. I could smell the magic in the air. While my boyfriend was looking for some seats, I went to buy something to drink. I couldn’t find anything, so I asked a man where I could buy something. So he offered him self to help me.

But there were no shops out there, just darkness in the forest. His hands started touching all my body. I was lying on the floor. I became blind-deaf-mute. I just only felt every time he hit me, every time he pushed me to the floor. I tasted the mix of ground, blood and tears that where in my mouth every time he kissed me. Yes, all that I remember so inside of me, and it is still so painful! Lying there I started to look up, trying to find one gap between the dark leaves of the trees where I could see the sky. The stars would look at me with sad faces and the moon would cry with me. They were my only witnesses. And I was just another girl, another name on the newspaper, another person to which people could look with compassion on the distance.

Now I’m just a lonely mother. I miss every night the girl that I was. I miss that smile on my face. I miss that magic in the air.

Gergana krasteva

A story

It was dark, maybe 9 p.m. and the bench was colder than usual. My idea was not so good as I thought – random place in the park, occasional neighborhood. I could not feel my fingers and my body was like stone. I was alone – pathetic tramp who was trying to feel better from one butt of cigarette. I haven’t been eaten normal food for the last two weeks… The prison was looking so tempting right now. When I started thinking about it… yeah, there was decent food, warm bed and marijuana if you know the right people. When I was there for last I wanted so badly to be out in the open, to feel the freedom with every fiber of my body, to be my own captain, to march with the rhythm of my heart… that kind of crap. But now, when I was lying on the cold inhospitable bench, when I had everything I wanted to have I was not prepared for it.
I needed to find a warm place when I can sleep and even eat something. A hotel or motel, but I would be made to pay… Ok then just restaurant or even snack bar… whatever – I didn’t have any money. Maybe I should rob some bank or even kill someone… oh no! I was getting crazy – that was too much, too sick! Well that was some possibility – a madhouse. I would watch television every day, eat more than a pretzel and sleep as some god. Oh, that was even better – a church. The priests are such a nice people and they won’t say “no” to such poor and lonely soul. But I can stay there and be a good person only for 24 hours or even less… so that variant is dropping out. So – prison or madhouse or even both.
My head was going to explode. It was hard to decide which one is better. The prison was harder but the madhouse – well, let’s just say that I am not crazy enough and I am definitely not a good actor. May be the prison was better idea… old buddies, cute uniforms (I’ve always liked orange). But that means end of wandering and doing whatever I want whenever I want. Or I should stay here where I can think and live, to be myself.
If my mother was here and if she knew what I am thinking she would have laugh at me. What a silly reaction… “Boy, where’s your goal?” she would have asked me with irritating Texas accent. Mum, my dreams died many moons ago. I can’t even remember what I wanted… but they were so shiny, so realistic that I was absolutely confident in them. But they died just like my spirit and soul…
In the morning everything in the city was usual. Just another dead body was found in the park. The poor homeless man… What was his story? What were his dreams and why he had died alone in that dark park on that cold bench?
The city did not notice. He was just another person who was not important for anyone – he had not family or friends, he was just another one.

Симеон Пенков

My name is Robert Hopkins and I am a 16 year old boy who was kidnapped from his bed with a bag over his head in the middle of the night.
Now three months later I am working as a guard in a facility called “The Shell”. Me and the people I met here are forced to work here and if anyone tries escaping he was shot-down by government soldiers.
The building has 6 floors above the ground and underneath it are the mines. The whole radios of the facility is 350 m. Also there are three electric fences and one stone wall, 13m. high, around the facility. After those security measures is the camp where I am kept. In this camp there are 1200 people and in the military laboratory behind it there are 150 scientists and 600 soldiers.
The whole area around the “Shell” which is affected is about 50 km. In those 50 km nothing never grows or lives. It is like a dust-land without land.
I am writing this and I’ll make sure it gets to my family so that they know what the government is really doing and they can stop them. For my petty I’m not ever going to be released from duty until this poison gas beneath the facility is destroyed or I don’t know what but I know this won’t happen in my lifetime.
At least we are fed well and have nice accommodation and the job we do is also not so hard and dangerous. Our job is to patrol outside the “Shell” like wolves and that’s all. Only authorized people are allowed inside.
This prison is like a tomb never to get out no wonder it is called “The Shall”. There are also gas leeks. Yesterday one of the patrols was completely wiped out by a gas leek in the Western Valley also known as “The Breathing Earth” because of all the gas leeks there.
Our area of patrol is the least dangerous also known as “East Paradise”.
I am sorry but I will finish my notes later because my patrol lieutenant is coming and I guess I should go.

Ksenia Kartamysheva


The city
Sun is shining
It is hot today

The center
A lot of people on the streets
Buildings make a shadow

The park
Birds are singing
Sun rays on my cheek

The office
Windows are opened
The wind is too hot

The aqua park
Kids are swimming
Adults are sitting in the bar

The world
On the North Pole people are freezing
On the South Pole penguins are having fun
Spoken word

Do you know this guy?
Who created the world?
He’s got an easy name,
He’s name is GOD!

Have you ever read the Bible
Or just prayed?
Did you read its title
Or you left it to lay
On your dirty table
Or threw it away?

Have you ever gone to church?
If not – it’s not fair.
I think you just left your ass on the chair!

Just go to a priest
Don’t have fun
Tell him all the things
You have done.

Now you can see holly cross on the screen
Please, believe in God
And say “Amen!”

Liubov Korotkova

Sitting in the class
Everyone writing haikus
We will finish soon

Very cold winter
Trees are covered with snow
Children playing snowballs

Beautiful spring
Trees and flowers are waking up
Winter is gone

It is early summer
Weather is already hot
Believe that it will be colder

Red autumn
Leaves are falling down
Days coming shorter

Two weeks ago in the city was a big thunderstorm. Everywhere was problems with electricity, so Veronica – a restaurant owner had very big problems. All her goods and ingredients became to the rubbish.
On the next day, after thunderstorm Veronica called an electricity master. Master was late for two days, because everyone in the city called him. Veronica was like a bird in cage, she couldn’t do anything with it. Milk, eggs, meet and other products which can’t stay in the hot weather were spoilt. Woman decided not to worry, because on Monday (thunderstorm was on Wednesday), organization which bring products to the restaurant, must to come.
“Where are they?” – asked Veronica on nervous.
“Who?” – asked manager of restaurant.
““Bring without problems” company, they are lasting far an hour!” – shouted women.
“They won’t come” – answered manager.
“Why?” – asked Veronica in shock.
“Because we already don’t work with them” – answered manager Vitaly seriously.
“Why?” – asked woman on the second time.
“Because they did not do their work” – answered manager quiet.
“Why did not you say to me?” – shouted Veronica angrily.
“I…I don’t know, I thought that it is my work” – murmured Vitaly.
“And what we are going to do? Tomorrow visitors will come, and what will they see, table full of potatoes and carrots?” – cried women.
“Ok, just relax, we can go to the shopping mall and see what we can do” – said manager.
“All right, let’s go there, but I am doing it because I don’t know what else we can do!” – answered Veronica and they went to the shopping mall.
When they came to the mall, they went downstairs to the supermarket. Owner and manager started to buy all ingredients that they needed.
“We don’t need a lot of goods, just a little bit, tomorrow I will call to another company and on Wednesday they will bring them to our restaurant” – said Vitaly.
“From this moment you will talk me about every your step” – answered owner.
On Tuesday clients was pleased and manager had his work.

Aleksa Grgurovic
Spoken Word

Go away
Don’t stand in my way
I will continue
Because that is what I want to do
Nothing will stop me
Not you and not the tree
I will beat him for what he did
It will be a bloody fight all day and night
But at the end I will win
And his sin
Will be corrected
Don’t defend him
Not from me
Because he will be
Covered with blood
Laying in mood
Rain will fall
When I reach my goal.

Hay Ku

Run through the battle
Sound of steal is in my ears
I am scared

It is dangerous
My life is almost finished
Arrow chase me

It hit my back
I am bleeding a lot
My blood is black

I can see the light
It is calling my name
I can’t resist

Haven is beautiful
Angels are around me
Their wings are beautiful

My life is over
Finally I am not scared
I am peaceful now

Diancic Botnari -

“In memory of Diana”

Death – our gate of life that suddenly opens to her.
This girl’s soul takes wings
Before she and he has to put on their fingers rings
They lost each other
Why? Because Diana was like a candle in the wind
And angels are pointed fair to look like Lady Di
But Dia is dead, only memory we have to add
“A flying rose” was so wise, beautiful with brown eyes
We love, appreciate, it’s too late
Be happy and great
Reach to the sky
And tell me “Hi”
Shine our life
Without using a knife
Give us a reason to smile
Be careful, don’t ail
You are a star for me
How can’t you see?
You will be always in my heart
How I wish everything begins from the start.


What is a paradise?
It is a place where you feel nice
Can anyone get there?
Or It is a confusion?
Hm, I think It is an illusion
You can reach there crossing the bridge?
May be getting purity inside you?
I will be able to embrace the sky or to tell a lie?
No complaining of something?
It is a wrong thing
You will be responsible and smart
You will transform everything into art
Sing a song with a funny tone
And don’t put in you creation a bone
Don’t be like a cold stone
You are from poor family or from aristocracy one?
It doesn’t matter
However from paradise you will get a letter.

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You are the Future: Poem by Matt

The future

Words dangle from lips
like suicide jumpers.

Throats are dry, hands are moist
Butterflies make their choice
to build their home in my stomach.

Their flight path makes me queasy,
but please believe me I’d have it no other way. ,
It was the first day.
Tongue tied, tangled, twisted up in translations
I had nothing to say.
and even less to write.

My mind has gone blank.
it’s the spitting image of my notebook...
it’s blank.

I’ve been thinking and writing down lines in my head
for days on end but when it comes to the pen,
I can’t make it move.
I’m stuck in this lethargic groove
of nothingness.
As I stare at the blank pages I confess
this white noise is making me deaf
to the sound of inspiration.
My concentration is a split separation
between morning classes
afternoon games
and much more of the same
Try to find and slow down the beat
of our hearts so they begin to pump as one.
This might be the end of the camp but the journey has just begun.

Our lives intertwine,
cross-cultural country combinations.
Never to be forgotten,
Always to be remembered as celebrations.

Bonds of love are strong
and build bridges that can never be burned.
As I turn and lock eyes with the faces in the crowd
I must confess the feelings in my heart and express them aloud.

You are the future!
You hold the key!
Find the love in your hearts and release it for me,

express it to the world for everyone to see.

It’s time for a change:
one that's been a long time coming.
We all have the tools so lets hit the ground running.

Unite our cultures.
one love from above
Bob Marley used to sing.
At this moment in time
we have the opportunity to make it the real thing.

Don’t lose contact with each other
keep the fire burning strong
write a letter
send an e-mail
paint a picture
compose a song

Remember what we’ve learned
in our classes, on the street,
from our teachers, from our friends,
from everyone we meet.

I am the teacher but alas
i am also the student.
i have learned as much from you
as you have from me. And I guarantee
each and everyone of you are destined to succeed.

Presidents and doctors.
Poets and photographers.
Etc. etc. etc.

As the weeks have gone by
I have glimpsed the future in the corner of my eye
and i can confidently say without a shadow of a doubt
or a sprinkle of a lie.
That you will make a difference!

Combine our minds
and try to find a cure for the illness of our time.
The sickness is strong,
but our course is unstoppable.
Once united we can not be divided.

Remember the good times;
Big -booty, big-booty, ah yeah a big-booty.
Practicing yoga in the rain.
Strengthening our muscles while expanding our brains
to attain the next level of consciousness.
Which I feel we have reached.
Now it’s time to bond together and try to breech
that gap that lays between love and life.
So that one day your children, your husband or wife
can walk down the road hand and hand at night
and not be afraid.

This is the path we’ve paved together.
With love as our foundation and
peace as our inspiration
We will change the world!
You will make a difference!

You all are extremely gifted
in every sense of the word.
And, it would be absurd
if I didn't convey this to you.

Be proud of who you are
because I most definitely am.
Hopefully one day in the future
we will meet again.

Thank you
Sag ol
Dyaku u

-Matthew Piscitelli

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Spanish Cooking video

Week 2- English Class Spanish Cooking Video

AUBG Spanish Cooking from AEK on Vimeo.

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Everything's Bigger in Texas

Written by Zorana (Montenegro)

So I’m here in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria staying in summer camp at AUBG. I got a task to talk to teachers who lived in Texas or have been living in Texas. First is Andrea from Nebraska, who teaches English language. She is a Peace Corps volunteer here in Bulgaria.

I talked to her about her 3 months spent living in Texas. One question was how is it to live there and she answered very hot. Andrea told me that she lived in Texas only for 3 months. When I asked her how different the style of living in Texas is to style of living in Bulgaria she answered very different. She said that everything in Texas is large. Very big. Houses, buildings, beside the bigness she said that people in Texas wear a lot more jewelry. Going swimming, golf, baseball, going to ranches and shopping are the things teenagers can do when they want some fun in Texas. Also Andrea told us that first place you need to see when you go to Texas is definitely Austin, the capital. I asked for Dallas and she said she has been to Dallas, but didn’t like it as much as she liked Austin. For cooking and food she said that is much better in Texas than her, in Bulgaria. National meals are Tex – Mex and steak with sweet tea. ‘I have been to Texas many times; it’s very hot there, so I wouldn’t be able to live there. I prefer cold.’ – She concluded.

The other person I talked to was my journalism teacher Valerie. She is, as she said “a true Texan.” She was born in Dallas, Texas as well as her parents. That’s why she is so proud talking about Texas. She considers herself to be a true Texan. She is born as I said in Dallas. She was also raised there. I asked her if she can tell us what the difference is between life in Texas and in Bulgaria. She told me that here, in Bulgaria she lives in small village without a car. That’s interesting, even she knows how to drive and had passed the driving test, she and other Peace Corps volunteers are not allowed to drive. But in Texas she lives in big city. When I asked her what teenagers can do for fun, she answered that it’s the same. Girls can go shopping in Dallas’s biggest mall ‘The Galleria’ and boys hanging out with friends. Her answer to question where teenagers are more mature here or in Texas, she said: ‘Teenagers are teenagers’. Austin is the capital of Texas and Valerie told me that if you ever go to Texas that is the first place you should visit. After that comes her hometown Dallas. Dallas is the city where famous 35th president of United States J.F. Kennedy was killed. She agreed with Andrea about meals. Valerie misses a lot Texas’s national meal Tex- Mex. ‘Tex – Mex is the best’. I asked her could she imagine living anywhere else beside Texas and she told me: ‘For a short time yes, but when I get married and have my own family I definitely want to be in Texas.’

Art Exhibition Interviews

1.Name: Matt

Country :USA
-Did you visit the exhibition?
-What did you learn from year visit?
If kids work hard and are haring fun, they can make beautiful works of art.  I'm very proud of everyone.

2.Name: Nurbolat
Country: Kazakhstan
-Did you hear of the Art exhibition which taken place en Wednesday?
-Did you come inside the Blue room to take a full look of the draving there?
-What did you think about them?
It was something different strange, and interesting

3. Natalia
Country: Bulgaria
-Did you hear about the Art exhibition?
-From where?
The announcement paper

Where are they going to University?

This summer is almost over. We wanted to know which universities our campers were thinking about going to. We asked students from different countries and some of our teachers because we wanted to know which university they recommend. Here are their answers.

We did an interview with Ivona from Montenegro. She is seventeen and we asked her if she has any idea what she is going to do after high school. She said that she wants to be TV presenter. She said that she really likes cameras and she even has her own TV show in her country. She loves it because she could travel a lot and she could meet a lot of new interesting friends.

We did an interview with Mario, age 19 from Spain. He is going to university next year. He is not sure where is he going, but he assumes it is going to be a university in Valencia and study social integration. He chose that profession because he enjoys working with people, he loves helping immigrants and he is going to that university because it is one of the greatest of its kind.

We talked to Natalia, from Bulgaria. She is 18 years old. She has decided to go to university “Christian Albrecht” in Kiel, Germany. She wants to be a nutritionist because she wants to have healthy life and she wants to help people to have a healthier life. She wants to give useful advice so that she could easily prevent illnesses.

We interviewed Janna, age 16 from Kazakhstan. She liked AUBG so much that she has decided to go to this university. She likes Bulgaria and everything that AUBG offers. She wants to teach languages and she wants to be teacher in elementary school because she loves working with kids.
By: Branko (Montenegro), Masa S. (Montenegro), Jelena (Montenegro), Dasha (Russia), Ruslan (Azerbaijan), Polad (Azerbaijan)